When you sign up for support with Cornershop, we make sure that your site is receiving regular plugin and WordPress Core updates, and we also activate automatic security scanning and uptime monitoring tools. This helps us verify that your site is functioning and is as up-to-date as possible, but the folks with our support team don't actually visit your website every single day! This means that we rely on you to regularly review your site content and features and then contact us if you notice any issues that need to be addressed. 

Our regular maintenance ensures that important updates happen as soon as possible — including security fixes that we don't want to be slowed down by design or structural monitoring. Any delays in security fixes leave your site vulnerable to hacking, so these are the types of issues that we focus the most on. In contrast, monitoring your site design and styling — while very important for your audience — isn’t as crucial to prevent against site hacks. Besides, no one knows your site better than you! It's best for you and for our team if we rely on you to let us know when the user experience or design of your site has been impacted by a plugin update. 

Want to make sure you can keep an eye on your site? Many of our clients create recurring events as reminders to review their site content regularly, depending on what kinds of campaigns they have going on. If you're interested in discussing automated options for scanning your site design and layout, our team does have tools through which we can customize a scan of particular pages for any changes. This is a completely custom service that needs to be configured and scripted for each individual website, so there is an additional cost to create the tests, but please email support@cornershopcreative.com and we'll gladly personalize a plan for you!