Do you update plugins?

Yes. We update your WordPress plugins once a week, usually on Wednesdays. 

We give priority to security updates for all plugins. There may be some exceptions to plugin updates. For example, if we know that your theme will break if we update a particular plugin, we'll skip that specific plugin update. 

Do you apply new WordPress releases?

Yes. WordPress itself is regularly updated. Applying these updates is often a little more complicated than our weekly plugin updates, so we tend to approach them even more carefully. We may wait a week or more before applying a WordPress release to your site, since we prefer to wait for news from the WordPress developer community on any new issues related to the release. 

We prioritize security updates for WordPress releases as well, so security patches are applied ASAP. 

Do you do theme updates? 

We will only do theme updates by your request. 

Because theme updates can occasionally dramatically impact the appearance and layout of your site, we prefer to first investigate your individual theme and website before providing an estimate for the work needed. In some cases, the theme update can be pretty minor and applied without extensive development work, but there are other instances when we'll need to be much more careful about testing and potentially adding additional code to your site to make sure theme updates don't break your website.