How to Use the Annual Report Builder

Installing WP Annual Report Builder

Congratulations on purchasing WP Annual Report Builder! Now that you have downloaded the plugin, follow these instructions on installing and activating the plugin.

The following documentation provides instructions on how to configure the WP Annual Report Builder plugin, as well as how to build reports using the blocks and pre-made patterns provided.


By default, the slug for reports is set to “report”. But if you want to customize it, go to the main admin sidebar on your WordPress dashboard and click WP Annual Report Builder > Settings.

Enter in the desired slug and click Save.


Reports are made up of sections, so they need to be created first. WP Annual Report Builder creates a section post type for adding content to your reports. Sections are also used to create the report navigation. The title of each section will be added to the report navigation menu automatically when the report is created.

To create a new section click WP Annual Report Builder > All Sections > Add New.

Add the desired content using any of the core blocks, the WP Annual Report Builder blocks or the WP Annual Report Builder patterns provided and publish the section.

Adding Titles to Sections

Set the section label used for the section in the right hand side of the admin. 

By default, the section navigation will use the section title if a section label is not entered. This feature allows you to make the section title easier to find when adding sections to a report but still use a simplified section label in the report navigation.

Note: If you don't see these options in the sidebar, click the folder icon.


WP Annual Report Builder comes with blocks that can be used to add additional features to your reports.

Icon Block

The icon block uses an extension of the paragraph block in order to add icons from FontAwesome. To change an icon in the block, click on the icon you want to change, and click the Flag icon from the menu. To add a new icon. Add a paragraph and click the Flag icon.

You will see a grid of icons and can search for the desired icon by its name. Select the desired icon.

Animated Number

The animated number block animates a number from 0 to the selected number. This is great for displaying stats. To add it, click the plus button on the top of the page and search Animated Number.

Now enter the number.

Animation Block

The animation block extends the functionality of the Group block and adds animation options. To add it, start by adding any group block and select the desired animation in the sidebar.

The options include Fade In, Slide Up, Slide Left and Slide Right. Any content placed inside the group block with an animation will animate in when the content comes into view.


WP Annual Report Builder includes some predefined block patterns to get started with making report sections. 

To view the patterns. Click the + icon on the top of the page and then click the Patterns tab. Select “WP Annual Report Builder” from the dropdown to see the available patterns.

The available patterns include:

  • Banner: A cover block with a heading and paragraph for description. It is easy to add a background color or image to the title banner using the options in the sidebar.

  • Background with image (left or right): A group block with columns containing an image in one column and a heading with text in the other.

  • Callout (Images/Icons/Icons with Numbers): A three column block with either icons or images or icons with numbers and description text.

  • Multi-column List: A three column block with a heading and list items.

Note: Patterns are added to the top level page. So if a block that accepts inner blocks is selected, you will not see the patterns tab available. You can however add the pattern to the page and then place the pattern inside a parent block such as a group, cover, or column block.


WP Annual Report Builder creates a custom post type for reports. The report post is where the report sections are organized to create the final report. To create a report using the sections you’ve created, click WP Annual Report Builder > All Reports > Add New.

Adding Sections to Report

Add a report title and click the plus icon on the top of the page to add a Section block.

In the sidebar, select the desired section post for the block and add as many section blocks as needed for the report.

Click Publish when finished adding the section blocks.

Important: Report posts are designed to only contain section blocks. Add all report content into section posts, first.

Report Branding

The featured image on the report post is used in the report menu to add branding. You can add a logo in the Featured Image section in the sidebar. And it will display in the report menu as displayed in the image below:

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