How to review a Figma File?

Here are a few tips for viewing and leaving feedback on Figma files.

Create an Account

If you're new to Figma, you will want to create a user account. It's not required as you can view the files anonymously, but it does give you additional functionality, such as the ability to comment on specific elements of the design. When provided with the design link in Figma, you'll be prompted to login: 


In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a drop down menu that says ‘options’ or just listing a percentage. If you click there, you can select from a list of options for viewing your prototypes at different sizes and screen widths.

Scrolling through pages

When you click on the screen or hover over the bottom of the browser window, you’ll see some numbers at the bottom (such as 1/1 or 2/8). If there are multiple pages, you’ll see arrows to the right and left of these numbers. Use the arrows to scroll through pages.

Clicking ‘restart' at the bottom right of the browser window will send you back to page one.

Leave comments

Up at the top left of the screen you’ll see a small dialogue/chat icon. To leave comments, click on that icon. Once the dialogue icon has been selected, you can then click anywhere in the prototype to leave a comment. Make sure to click the little blue arrow to save your comment.

What if I don't see any of this? 

If you don’t see items below on your screen, try clicking on the screen or hover your pointer at the top or bottom of the browser window.

We appreciate receiving comments that have been vetted and consolidated through group processes first.

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