Installing and Configuring WP Congress

Congratulations on purchasing WP Congress! Now that you have downloaded the plugin, follow these instructions on installing and activating the plugin.

The following documentation provides instructions on how to configure the WP Congress plugin, as well as how to update and maintain ProPublica votes on your site.

API Configuration

First, you’ll need to get API keys from ProPublica and Google Civics. Links for each are below or can also be found in the WP Congress Settings.

ProPublica - 

Google Civics - 

Once you have received your keys, you’ll need to enter them in the WP Congress settings.  From the Admin Dashboard, go to WP Congress > Settings.  Enter the keys in their respective fields under the settings tab.  Then click Save Changes.

Now you can start using these data sources!

Important: Legislative history and legislator records are imported ONLY for specific bills that are selected when configuring your WP Congress plugin. This means that if a bill is imported but a legislator does NOT have any history with that bill, that particular legislator's record will not be imported.

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