Importing Votes

You can import votes by going to the Admin Dashboard and then WP Congress > Settings. Once there, you select the Chamber, Year, and Month of the vote:

After you enter the Month and select “Get Votes”, you’ll get a new field where you can scroll to search for votes. You can either scroll through the options or enter in a key word in the title of the vote (not the roll call #) to get specific results. Click on the votes you want to import and then click the “Import Votes” button to begin the import process.

Once you do, you’ll see the progress above the Search for Votes field.  Remain on the page until the message displays "Import Done!"

Editing Votes

Once finished importing, go to WP Congress > Votes and you will see your most recently imported votes saved as Drafts. Hover below the title and select “Edit”:

In that interface, you can edit the following information:

  • Title - name of the topic, which will be displayed on the vote page

  • Our Position - using the dropdown, select your group’s position on the topic (either in favor or opposed)

  • Why Position - using the WYSIWYG, enter a description or rationale for your position on the topic

Once you’re done, hit “Publish” and this new vote will appear under Votes > All Votes (and no longer say “Draft”):

One thing to note: While votes are importing (legislators are actually being added to the database along with their votes on each specific Roll Call vote), you can edit the vote post itself, but wait to publish it until all legislators are imported so it can be properly scored.