Connecting Salsa Classic with Gravity Forms: Form Setup


The Integration for Salsa and Gravity Forms plugin automatically sends constituent data from Gravity Forms created and managed in WordPress into a designated Salsa system. You can choose what data to send to Salsa and what fields the data should go into on a form-by-form basis.

General Mapping

Mapping Gravity Forms fields to Salsa fields needs to be done on a form-by-form basis. First, create a new form by following this Gravity Forms guide.

For each form that you want to connect to Salsa, you must manually map fields, so the Form knows where to send - or not to send - all information collected.

To create an API connection:

  • From the left hand navigation menu, navigate to Forms

  • From the list of forms, hover over the form you want to connect with Salsa, hover over Settings, then click on Salsa API 

  • This screen will identify if a connection has been created for this form. If no connection has been set up, the screen will look like this:

  • Click on the Add New button or the link for Create one 

  • First, you’ll need to name the API Feed. By default, it will label it Salsa API Feed [x]. X being the number of feeds you have on the site. 

  • Map the fields from your form to the corresponding Salsa field. The left column contains a list of all fields -- standard and custom -- in Salsa. The right side dropdowns contain a list of all fields on your specific form. Gravity Forms will attempt to automatically map the fields that it can identify.

  • Note that Email must be mapped - this is Salsa’s main way of tracking supporter records. 

  • In addition to the standard fields that users are entering on the forms, there is additional tracking information that the form is collecting that can also be sent over to Salsa, including: 

  • You can also select one or more specific groups from Salsa that users will be added to. This list is generated directly from your Salsa system.

  • Once everything is configured, click the blue button for Update Settings to save your connection. Data will start flowing to Salsa as users complete this form.

Conditional Logic

The feeds also contain a setting for conditional logic:


Conditional logic allows you to set up a feed to only send data to Salsa under certain conditions. For example, you may want users who select a certain interest on a form to be assigned to one group, and users who select a different interest to go to a different group. Using conditional logic, you can set up multiple Salsa feeds and set them only to process under certain conditions.


In this example, we have a field called Events where users can select if they're interested in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter events:



In this example, you want users to be added to the corresponding group(s) in Salsa depending on which season(s) they select. To do this, you'll need to create 4 separate feeds, then use conditional logic to indicate which feeds should be processed when.

  • From the list of forms, hover over the form you want to connect with Salsa, hover over Settings, then click on Salsa API

  • Click Add New to create a new feed

  • Give your new feed an appropriate name, like "Summer Events"

  • Map your fields as noted above

  • In this example, the box for the group for Summer Events is checked because this will be the feed for people who chose that option

  • At the bottom of the screen, enable the checkbox for Conditional Logic: Enable Condition. A new set of options will appear.

  • For Process this feed..., you can choose:

    • Any - The data will be sent to Salsa per the mapping in this feed if any of the conditions you set in the next step match

    • All - The data will be sent to Salsa per the mapping in this feed only if all of the conditions you set in the next step match

  • Choose the first field and items for the condition. In this example, this feed will process to Salsa if a user selected "Summer" for Events.

  • You can add additional fields using the plus sign

  • Click Update Settings to save your changes

  • Add an additional feed for each of your other conditions

  • In this example, there are  four feeds, each with a condition for a different season for the events field

  • Each feed will only process and send data to Salsa if it meets the condition that were set for it


You can also add tags to supporters who fill out specific forms. To add tags:

  • Go to the Form Editor for the form you would like to add tags for 

  • On the right side, click Hidden to add a Hidden field 

  • Click on the new field to edit it 

  • Change the field name to Tag (or some other useful term) 

  • Click the advanced tab

  • In the Default Value field, enter the name of the Tag you wish to add to any supporter who fills out this form:

  • Click Update to save your changes 

  • Go to Form Settings > Salsa API and add/edit a Salsa feed 

  • For the Tags mapping, select “Tag” (or whatever label you chose earlier) from the drop-down menu

In this example, users who fill out this form will have the tag "Events" added to their supporter record in Salsa.

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