Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of planning your online content around keywords and standards that will improve the chances of your content being found easily through search engines. The better your content meets these SEO standards, the more visitors you'll receive to your website. 

Yoast SEO is a leading plugin designed to help you measure and improve the quality of your content around keywords that are defined by you. The plugin is so handy, we install their plugin on all of our sites. 

If you're interested in learning more, Yoast has tons of great resources on their website, including this beginner's guide and how to choose perfect keywords

Other favorite resources include:

Using Yoast to optimize the display of your content on social media platforms.

Enabling XML sitemaps so that Google can retrieve your pages more quickly.

Using the text link counter to see how well you're using your links.

What if I'm not seeing all the features I expect to see? 

On some sites, we have disabled some of the more resource-intensive features of the Yoast plugin, since we have found that active but unused features may negatively impact and slow down the performance of some sites. 

The following advanced Yoast features may have been disabled to optimize the performance of your site, but you can activate them if you'd like to use these features:

SEO Analysis

Readability Analysis

Cornerstone content

Ryte integration for indexability

A Yoast Admin Bar display may have also been disabled simply to remove screen clutter. 

When Yoast is installed and activated on your website, you'll see something like this in the side navigation:

You can use the "General" menu option here to navigate to your list of features, where you can then easily toggle your preferred features on or off for your site:

These features will then be displayed through a Yoast panel on your pages and posts while you're editing them, which looks something like this: