How do I create a Tweet Share link?

Creating a link with a pre populated tweet is easy. We recommend using the free Share Link Generator here.

In the Your awesome tweet box, enter the content that you'd like to be in your tweet:

Copy the content in the URL only box.

On your WordPress page, highlight the text that you want people to click to tweet this message, then select the link option. Then paste the generated URL and click the blue arrow to save:

Click Update to save your page changes.

When someone clicks on this link, a Twitter window will open with your tweet pre populated:

Shortening URLs

Because Twitter includes URLs in its 140-character limit, you may want to shorten a longer URL to get yourself some more wiggle room for text. We recommend using bitly to shorten URLs. Simply paste in your URL and bitly will give you a shorter version:

You can use this shorter version in your tweet or anywhere else that you'd like.

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