Cornershop Sections

Global Options

First, each and every section, regardless of its type, has several options:

  • The “width” dropdown offers “normal” and “full”, with “normal” corresponding to the standard content width, and “full” stretching to the edges of the user’s browser window regardless of the screen width.

  •  “Text color” offers “normal” and “on dark” which switches the colors of the text and headings from dark to light so text on darker backgrounds is still readable.


This section type uses the standard/classic WordPress editor. You can find more information on that here:

Multicolumn text

This section type allows for 2-5 columns of content to be displayed side-by-side. Each column is actually its own WYSIWYG editor and can include images and other markup.


This section type allows for adding a headline, WYSIWYG text, and an optional button on top of a large background image.

Image Features

Similar to multicolumn text, but instead of WYSIWYG editors, it’s more structured to support 1-4 “callouts” consisting of a heading, an image, and a button.


Allows you to include an image slider/carousel within the page, with each slide having an image as well as optional heading, caption, and button. Available transition effects are “Crossfade”, “Fade Out”, “Slide Left”, “Slide Down”, “Flip Horizontal”, “Flip Vertical” and”None”

Content Collection

Allows for embedding other content on the site (e.g. blog posts) into the page. Formatting options are “Grid”,”List” and “Slider.” There are two main ways to specify which other content to display: “Explicit,” where you manually choose the specific pages/posts/whatever to be shown, and “Generated,” where you specify a set of criteria (e.g. “3 blog posts categorized as ‘privacy’) and the system automatically grabs the most recent content that meets those criteria.

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