Urgent! Cornershop is closed and I need support!

Good news! If you have an urgent concern while our Cornershop Creative offices are closed, all you need to do is email support@cornershopcreative.com with "Urgent" in the subject of your message, and our on-call staff will be in touch to address your issue.

We understand that there are a wide variety of reasons why a concern may be urgent, and we tend to escalate:

  • any issues that are causing your site to be down or non-responsive.
  • downtime with specific features or functionality, such as forms not showing up or maps not working correctly. 
  • problems that could cause a loss of funds or supporter engagement.

For any urgent request, it may be subject to approval on our rush rate ($340/hour).

Of course, if an issue is not urgent, we'll still follow up with you as soon as we can, and definitely within our typical window of three business days once our team is back in the office.

If your site goes down while we're closed, check out our handy-dandy guide here for assistance.

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