What are your hosting plan options?

Kinsta hosting, managed by Cornershop

Simplify your hosting situation by sticking with us! Cornershop manages a robust system for dozens of WordPress sites supported through the popular hosting provider Kinsta. This hosting environment is optimized for WordPress sites and is ideal for sites that receive up to 40,000 visitors per month. It is fast, reliable, and secure — and the best thing about hosting with Cornershop’s managed hosting is that you don’t have to worry about site outages or calling your host in a panic: our team will constantly monitor your site uptime, and bring the site up for you should it ever go down. No more frustrating chat conversations or inscrutable invoices with faceless hosting providers: you’ll be talking to real people at Cornershop in the unlikely event that problems arise.

Pantheon hosting, managed by Cornershop

If you’re looking for bulletproof hosting with some of the highest levels of security, performance, and speed on the planet, Pantheon is your best option. Each Pantheon-hosted site comes with a multi-stage environment, allowing you to test new features in a development environment, preview on a staging environment, and then easily push to your live server once it’s perfect.

Your Own Host

If you already have a hosting provider and are happy with their service, we can likely work with this. As long as the server meets WordPress’s minimum recommendations of PHP 7.1 or greater, MySQL 5.6 or greater, HTTPS support, and shell/ssh access, we can work with your desired host. However, as there are hundreds of hosting companies and systems out there, many of which we’ve never or only rarely worked with, we may need to request additional time to work with your host, and we’ll likely need at least a little bit of extra to simply verify your host is up to snuff.

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