Cornershop's Hosting Management Services

If your site is hosted on Kinsta or Pantheon, Cornershop will provide hosting management services, including: (1) liaising with the hosting company during outages; (2) overseeing server PHP upgrades; and (3) monitoring for uptime, usage and bandwidth. Additional server management responsibilities may require additional cost.

You do have access to our support team at, but hosting or server support hours in excess of two (2) hours per month may be charged.


Cornershop's support team receives uptime notices for these sites and if you're alerted to downtime sooner than our team, please send a message to with "urgent outage" somewhere in the subject. 

This will alert our developers ASAP -- during business hours, we're directly alerted; during evenings and weekends our 24/7 Help Desk will contact our on-call developers. 

As with most things, troubleshooting during business hours is more expedient so we appreciate your patience during evenings and weekends. Depending on the cause of the outage, the issue may not be resolved until the following business day.

More outage information is available here

FTP access via Kinsta

You will maintain the ability to access your site via secure FTP. The credentials won't be the same as on your current host, but you'll be able to access the site via sFTP. If you'd like, you can also have access to a "staging" copy of the site, allowing you to experiment with changes there before making them to the live site. 

We can provide clients with SSH credentials, which would allow a skilled developer to get at pretty much everything. (It also means someone with this access could totally destroy everything, which is a big disclaimer we deliver when sharing this information because there’s nothing we can do about potential damage done).

Hosting details on Kinsta

The site will be hosted in a “containerized” environment running wordpress, php and mysql just for the site itself, with no resources shared with other sites or organizations. 

DNS records remain where they currently are for Kinsta-hosted sites. Kinsta is a hosting-only platform in this regard (though also provides SSL and CDN type services). No changes need to be made to your providers of services like Outlook for email).

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