Client Kinsta Access

Cornershop Creative’s values include respecting our clients and prioritizing productive & positive long term relationships. In living these values, Cornershop Creative believes that you own your organization’s site as soon as you make the final contracted build payments.

To this end, we provide full administrator access to your Kinsta hosting control panel when requested. This article describes the ground rules and expectations for that access. 

  1. You provide at least one real person’s email address to receive an admin invite to the Kinsta site. Non-person email accounts like web@ or info@ are not allowed. Every Cornershop Creative employee uses individual accounts to log into Kinsta for the same reason: Kinsta activity audit logs should be traceable to a specific individual.

  2. You may invite other real email addresses from your organization yourself. Inviting individuals outside your organization is not allowed without the express permission from Cornershop Creative.
  3. You acknowledge and accept responsibility for the capabilities of a Kinsta site administrator. It is entirely possible -- and likely if you don’t know what you’re doing -- to irreparably damage the site and/or cause an outage. Support tickets addressing these issues will be considered urgent requests per your support or retainer contract, which will result in higher hourly rates as defined in your maintenance contract.

  4. You acknowledge that you are collaborating on the site with your support and/or retainer team and agree to communicate with them before significant experimentation or changes. This reduces the risk of multiple people making simultaneous conflicting changes and negatively impacting the site, or overwriting each other.

  5. You acknowledge that making significant changes to a live website is inherently risky and agree to validate all planned changes (e.g. new plugins, replaced plugins, significant settings changes, new or modified PHP code, etc) in a different environment first. This could be locally with DevKinsta on your computer or the Kinsta Staging environment (after verifying with your Cornershop Creative contact that it is not already in use).

  6. You acknowledge and agree that this Kinsta access in no way impacts Cornershop Creative’s contractual obligations to your organization, nor your organization’s contractual obligations to Cornershop Creative.

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