Release Notes - eCard Platform

This document includes a summary of updates to the eCard product based on the most current release (and a historical record of prior releases)

RELEASE 2.4.2 (7/20/2020)

Hide Schedule Field with Physical Cards

  • We removed the option to schedule paper cards on a specific date. If you select physical cards in the backend the user will not be able to select a date to schedule/send that card. 


SendGrid Tracking

  • We added a SendGrid tracking ability using the SendGrid “Email Activity Feed” API. The eCard Campaign builder will now fetch from SendGrid Individual eCard recipient email “sendgrid message ids,” and get the status of those messages so that client admins have visibility into whether a particular recipient’s eCard was successfully delivered. This will also note and update when an eCard was resent using the /resend-ecard URL. This change also included a bug fix to ensure that the /resend-ecard URL will correctly send either an entire order or only an individual eCard depending on which entry ID is used. 

CSV Export Improvements

  • We updated the CSV export button to include the last 60 days' worth of entries, regardless of how many orders or recipients occurred during that time frame. 

RELEASE 2.3.1 (5/12/2020)




Bug with Action Scheduler

  • Refactoring how eCards are scheduled to bypass a bug with Action Scheduler that prevented cards with certain characters (i.e. / or ") from sending properly. 

RELEASE 2.3.0 (4/27/2020)




Resend eCards on the individual card level

  • The resend eCards page will now accept both full eCard orders and individual eCard recipients. This means if one card out of 25 does not send correctly or needs to be edited then you can edit that specific entry and resend only that card.  You can find the necessary Entry ID for an entire order by going to Forms > Entries and then looking at the Entry ID column. (screenshot). If you need to resend individual eCards then click into the appropriate Entry ID and you will see a list of eCard recipients (among the other eCard details). (screenshot). After selecting one of the recipients you will see the specific entry ID for just that one eCard in the top right of the page. (screenshot). Once you have either the full order Entry ID or the specific eCard Entry ID you can go to the resend eCards page found on the dashboard and put that Entry ID in the blank and click “Resend”. (screenshot of dashboardscreenshot of resend page). 

Dashboard added to review sending volume of upcoming dates 

  • On the WordPress dashboard page, we have built a specific dashboard to review upcoming eCards. You will be able to view any upcoming dates with scheduled eCards and the number of eCards scheduled for that specific day. (screenshot)

Set up automatic notifications for any days over a specific volume of scheduled eCards

  • There is a new tab under Site Options called “High Volume”. On this tab, you can specify email addresses that should receive the notification of high volume days, the number of eCards in one day that qualifies as high volume, and the number of days in advance you would like to be notified. (screenshot)

Limit eCard recipients form to 99 recipients 

  • There is a limit of 99 entries for the plugin that is used to add recipients to the eCard orders. Due to this limit, we have updated the front end so it will no longer allow a donor to add more than 99 recipients. This will increase the stability of the product and also avoid any potential issues with large eCard orders not sending or only partially sending. 

RELEASE 2.2.0 (3/11/2020)




Customize eCard price based on the campaign 

  • On the campaign page in the admin you can now set a price for the eCard campaign that will adjust the price when users visit that specific eCard campaign page. It will not adjust the general price of eCards on your default subdomain.

Customize eCard image based on the campaign 

  • On the campaign page in the admin you can now set a logo/image for the eCard campaign that will adjust the main image (typically a logo) when users visit that specific eCard campaign page. It will not adjust the general image on your default subdomain.

Require donations for free eCards (requires paid eCard product and set up payment processor)

  • If you have paid eCards you can now set the default price to 0 under site options and enable the “required donation” feature. This feature will remove the $0 option from required donations and force the “other” field to be a full number greater than 0. 

RELEASE 2.1.1 (1/15/2020)





This release contained minor bug fixes to address the functionality and performance of the eCard product. There were not any new features added for either the user/donor or the client/admin screens. 



Provide optional, default message for eCards

  • If you choose to supply an optional, default message (screenshot) for donors they will see it on the eCard customization page (screenshot). If they do not edit it, it will send as provided. They can also choose to edit some/all of it and replace it with their own message. 

Reorder eCards steps 

  • We have changed the order of the eCards to start with allowing the donor to select the eCard image and provide a global message and subject (screenshot). The next step will allow the donor to add recipients and customize messaging, images, etc. based on the recipient (screenshot). The third step will be a preview of the eCard with the global message and subject (screenshot). If you have the paid eCards the donor will see a fourth step for adding an additional donation. The final step for both paid and unpaid eCards will be donor details, payment information (if applicable), and scheduling the eCard (screenshot). 


Hide subject field for physical eCards

  • We have removed the option for “Message subject” on a specific physical eCard page (since physical cards don’t have subjects!). On the frontend, the donor will no longer see “Message subject” as an available field (screenshot).

Provide additional customization for eCard display

  • We added a tab to the site options that will allow you to control various components of the eCard design (e.g. font color, font size) (screenshot). Once changed, these will display to the donor on the eCard preview page (screenshot) and on the actual eCard. 

Merge entries to export as a single file (per form)

  • We custom-built functionality to allow the export of all eCard data, based on the applicable form, in one spreadsheet (screenshot). This will combine the order information and any recipient information into one spreadsheet so you can quickly, and easily, review all of your eCard purchases. 

Add customization for eCard image thumbnail size

  • We have added a drop-down to change between small and large thumbnails for the initial eCard step. You can control the size on the “Presentation” tab under “Site Options” (screenshot). The size difference can be previewed here (large - screenshot) and here (small - screenshot). 

Add page for client admins to resend eCards based on entry ID

  • We have added a widget on the backend dashboard (screencast) that will take a client admin to a page that will prompt eCards to resend. On this page (screenshot),  you can type the entry IDs separated by commas. When you click “resend” it will resend the eCard and show a confirmation of the donor name with a link to the order information (screenshot). You can find the entry IDs under “Forms” > “Entries” (screenshot). 

Allow client admin users to add new users

  • Client admins will now be able to select “Add New” under “Users” and create new user profiles (screenshot). You will be able to provide permissions below and up to the client admin level (screenshot). 


User/Donor Facing Changes

Add BCC email address to eCards

  • The payment page will now include a field for BCC email address. This will collect any email address the user provides and when the eCard order they completed sends (either immediately or on the scheduled date) the provided email address will be BCC’d. The recipient of the eCard will not see the BCC email.

Minor text styling and spacing changes on eCard preview

  • There is an additional space (screenshot) between the donor message and the organization message on the eCard preview. 

Client/Admin Changes

Request optional physical address for eCard recipients

  • Within site options (screenshot) you can toggle on and off the option to request physical address for eCard recipients. It is not a required field for the donor. When toggled on they can choose to provide a physical address in the newly displayed fields (screenshot). 

Edit confirmation page text

  • Within site options (screenshot), we have displayed a new tab. You can use the confirmations tab to edit the text that will display on the confirmation page (screenshot) after an eCard order is submitted. You will be able to supply a different confirmation message with a different WYSIWYG field for paid eCards and free eCards. 

Edit email notification text, subject, and email

  • Within site options (screenshot), we have displayed a new tab. You can use the notifications tab to edit the “from” name, the “subject”, and the “body” text for your email confirmation. You will be able to supply a different subject and body with different text fields for paid eCards and free eCards. 

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