What is included in your support coverage for eCards?

With the creation of an eCard site with Cornershop, you also purchase a support plan to help make sure you eCard site is up to date and running smoothly.  Specific services included in this plan include our standard Maintenance Only services (outlined here under WordPress maintenance) as well as:

  • Regression testing.  Our team will set up a test via the tool Ghost Inspector to ensure that transactions are always processing. These tests are run once a week.  If these tests fail, our support team will be alerted to look into the issue and either solve the problem, or be in touch with you to resolve it.

  • Platform Issues. If the platform is not working (i.e. users cannot purchase eCards, eCards not sending), whether caught by our regression testing or reported by the customer, time is included to address that issue. 

Any requests related to adding content, troubleshooting edge cases, problems with integration, etc., are subject to additional costs unless your specific support plan denotes otherwise (often called Maintenance + Support).

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