Using Categories

eCard categories will allow you to display only eCards associated with a specific category. This feature will allow you to run simultaneous eCard campaigns without needing to create multiple subdomains. 

In order to use categories you need to specify the category on the eCard and then create a new page for that category. 

Setting up an eCard within a category

Adding a category to an eCard is easy! You can simply select a category from the right sidebar when you are creating/editing an eCard. You can also add a new category directly from here. 

Creating a new page to display a category

To create a new page, click “Add New” under “Page” on the left hand side. 

When you are on your new page, you will need to do a few things:

  1. Title. Name your page (this will also be your eCard URL)

  2. Text. Enter the shortcode to display the eCard form “[gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false"]”. You can use different shortcodes for different forms (i.e. free vs. paid eCards). 

  3. Optional Text. Add any campaign specific, optional introduction text. 

  4. Category. Select the appropriate category to be displayed

  5. Card Type. Specify if the images are for a physical card or a digital eCard

  6. Publish your campaign!