eCard Campaign Builder FAQs

Is it possible to download sender and receiver emails?

Yes, with a click of a button, you can download a complete list of both senders and recipients in the form of a .csv file. You can even select which fields to export and filter by date or other conditions. If you would like the data to feed into a popular CRM, like MailChimp, Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, Salsa Labs, or Constant Contact, then we can set that up too.

Is it possible to simplify the interface so that it only asks for the sender's email address and the receiver’s email address(es) before previewing the card? 

Yes! The giving fields are not required and there is a price break if you do not want donation functionality ($1,000, instead of $1,300). Removing donation functionality will also simplify the last step of the process, as we will not need to collect address information for billing.

Is it possible to have a standalone page (not have the form embedded into our website)?

Yes. It's a simple design with the ability to customize a logo at the top of the page and include some footer text. As you can see with this demo (, we have used the Cornershop logo and kept the footer simple.

How are the gifts you receive through the eCard platform processed?

Cornershop has built an integration with CardConnect, the payment processor used by Salsa. In addition, you will also have the option to use PayPal, Stripe, or payment processors if CardConnect is not appropriate for you.

Do people click off of a Salsa page to get to the ecard page/set up their ecard?

Yes, the workflow would be that a donor completes the donation on a Salsa Engage (or other CRM) form and then is redirected to the eCard platform to select and personalize the eCard. You can then use the non-fundraising form so donors aren't asked for money a second time.

Does the eCard sender/donor get confirmation of both eCard send AND the donation? 

The sender/donor gets one notification/donation receipt when it is sent/purchased. If the eCard is scheduled for delivery in the future, then a notification does NOT send a second time when the eCard sends. However, there is a BCC field where the donor can enter their email address to receive the second notification when the eCard is sent (it will look like the actual eCard).

Is it possible to suggest a message to go along with each individual image?

Yes! Note that it is possible to append a separate message from your organization beneath the user-supplied eCard message, and that text can be customized on a per-image basis.

We need a platform that will help us to send physical paper cards, as well. Can Cornershop’s eCard platform do that?

Our eCard system supports creating campaigns that send physical cards, instead of eCards, but it is very basic: Your team will have access to a report of form submission, which you can use as a data source for printing your cards, mailing labels for your envelopes, and so on. It does not directly integrate with any mailing systems.

Do the dimensions of the eCard images have to be square? 

The images can be any size that you upload. The thumbnail preview images on the first page are set to the square dimensions, but the actual image in the eCard is whatever you upload. The image will display full size in the eCard emails, however, so typically, we recommend an image size of 600px X 600px. If you need to change the thumbnail dimensions, you can hire Cornershop to make that one-time change for you with CSS.

Does the fee include set-up on our website?

Our charge for the eCard features is a flat initial fee that includes setup, integration a CRM (Salsa, EN, or Luminate, Salesforce), hosting, and all details tied to the eCard forms. You are then provided with embed code that you can use to place on your website or use the Cornershop hosted URL.

Additional fees may come up for transaction processing if you choose the fundraising features for your eCards. Though we will help configure these settings, the processing fees go to the gateway processor directly and aren’t something that we set nor collect.

Do you use CardConnect or Salsa Engage for your transactions processing? 

We offer a free WordPress plugin to connect those transactions with your eCards form. Each transaction is added as an offline donation.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes about 2-3 weeks to get your platform setup, customized, and launched, as long as we have all of your content, images, and account details.

Is the price for a one-off ecard design or for a platform that we can use multiple times?

You can use it multiple times!

Is there a limit to the number of sites you can use this service with?

Because this is a hosted service built on WordPress, your platform will live at a subdomain on your website, such as The platform does also provide an embed code so that you can add this to your website through an iframe. Either way, you won't have any issues linking to or embedding this service in multiple places.

Can you have two eCard campaigns going at once? 

Yes, you can have multiple campaigns running at one time. We provide documentation on how to set this up, and it's very straightforward.

Can you run a campaign that is free to send the eCard but then add a prompt to add a donation?

Yes. You can charge $0 for individual eCards but then ask for additional donation. We have also added a feature to remove the $0 from the additional donation, essentially requiring a donation if you don't want that step to be optional.

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