What's included in my Cornershop support plan?

Owning a WordPress website is similar to owning a car: it requires regular and preventive maintenance to ensure it’s secure, reliable, and stable.

Like any public and popular open source CMS, WordPress has periodic security holes and bugs, and there are always ne’er-do-wells actively looking for exploits (along with conscientious community members looking to close those holes).

While you can run plugin updates and WordPress version updates yourself — much like many people change their own oil, headlights, etc. — sometimes it’s nice to have an experienced expert perform those tasks for you.

Want to make sure your site stays up-to-date, but don’t want to think about it? Let us run regular system and security updates and backups for you so you can spend more time focusing on your content and mission!

Development Server Setup for sites we didn’t build (one-time fee of $450):

Before we can start maintaining your site, we need a safe place to work, where we can be sure we won’t disturb your daily activities. 

We’ll create a safe space on our development server and move all of your existing website files there so we can examine and prepare to improve them. 

Usually that’s all we need to start supporting your site, but in some instances we may need to diagnose specific problems or perform a site audit before we can move on. We’ll let you know if that’s the case for your site, and give you an estimate before we do any such work.

Managed WordPress Maintenance includes:

  • Hosting Management. If the site is hosted on Kinsta, LiquidWeb, DreamPress, Pantheon or other approved hosting platforms, Cornershop will provide hosting management services, including: (1) liaising with the hosting company during outages; (2) overseeing server PHP upgrades; and (3) monitoring for uptime, usage and bandwidth. Additional server management responsibilities may require additional cost.
  • Weekly updates to WordPress Core and WordPress plugins. Theme updates are not included.
  • Visual Comparison Monitoring to catch and resolve any variations caused during the WP Core and plugin update process.
  • Automated security scans.
  • Daily offsite database (i.e., website content) backups and weekly offsite full site (i.e., database, code, plugins) backups.

Managed WordPress Maintenance + Support includes:

  • All of the above
  • Visual Comparison Monitoring on two additional pages
  • An annual website audit that examines the website’s performance metrics, security settings, frontend design and layout, content organization, SEO, and accessibility.
  • Support for Fast Tasks, which are defined as:
    • Initial troubleshooting and investigation of new issues that takes less than 30 minutes
    • Quick adjustments to content, images, alignment, and styles that can be made directly on the live site without needing Customer review and approval.
    • Installation of new plugins (though configuration cost may be additional).
  • A discounted development rate of $160/hour for anything outside the scope of a Fast Task.


SmallMediumLarge – Pantheon
Monthly VisitsUp to 12,000Up to 40,000More than 40,000
Hosting Only$13 monthly or
$156 annually
$33 monthly or
$396 annually
Starting at $206/month
Managed WordPress Maintenance$80 monthly or
$800 annually
$100 monthly or
$1,000 annually
$120 monthly or
$1,200 annually
Managed WordPress Maintenance + Support$210 monthly or
$2,100 annually
$250 monthly or
$2,500 annually
$300 monthly or
$3,000 annually

Last updated: 06 February 2019

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