Do you have a backup of my site?

We automatically and regularly backup all supported client sites. 

How often do you backup my site? 

We automatically backup your database every evening. The database backup includes everything you manage through the WordPress admin, including settings and authored content. The WordPress directory is backed up weekly on Monday evenings, before we run our regular weekly plugin updates. This backup includes all WordPress, plugin, and theme files as well as uploaded content. These are backed up less often because they don't change as frequently and tend to be larger in size. 

How long do you store backup files? 

We store the 15 most recent database backups and 5 most recent full file backups offsite in Amazon S3. After reaching that limit, the oldest backup is removed and replaced with the newest backup. They are not available after being removed. Backups are not stored on the website’s host server after being created and moved offsite.

Where do you store my backup files?

We store your backup files on an external Amazon Web Services S3 instance accessible only to our support and development teams. This ensures that your backup files are not on the same servers your site, a particularly important detail if your host servers are inaccessible for any reason! It also helps to reduce how much space you need to use on your own servers, which is helpful for your hosting costs and speeds. 

How can I restore my site from a backup? 

If you find that you need to access a backup file, please email us at and let us know the approximate date range and type of data that you need. We will investigate what's available. 

In many cases, we'll be able to restore your site content based on a backup file, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The sooner you notice you need a backup file for your site, the better. We don't store files indefinitely, and newer issues are easier to find and "roll back."

  • If we do restore your site from a backup file, any recent updates since the backup was saved will be overwritten. For that reason, you may wish to first work out a plan to backup and recreate new content, if necessary.

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