How does Cornershop keep my site up to date?

As part of our maintenance plans, rather than using your staff’s valuable time to update your plugins, check for any errors, and troubleshoot, Cornershop handles the entire process so that you’re freed up to focus on your organization’s mission. 

Think of it like car maintenance: you can change your own oil, but wouldn’t you rather just focus on the driving while the mechanics do the dirty work? (But in the Cornershop garage, you don’t have to wait around in the lobby all afternoon.) 

Plugin updates are handled either through our automated maintenance tools, or via manual review - either way, you don’t have to worry about keeping everything running smoothly. 

Updates are processed weekly, and our staff stay current with changes to our ‘recommended’ plugins to minimize any surprises. 

Though most plugin developers do diligent quality assurance checks, sometimes an update can create an unexpected change to your website’s design or functionality. 

To address this, Cornershop takes several precautionary steps: 

  1. Using BackStop on sites to do a visual “before and after” check of your homepage (or homepage and two other primary pages if you’re subscribed to the Maintenance+Support package). This automated process alerts our staff to any significant changes to the layout of your websites after a plugin update. After receiving an alert, our staff does a manual review, and will restore a backup while we resolve design conflicts. 
  2. As mentioned above, Cornershop creates regular backups of your website, specifically just before we run weekly plugin updates. So if a plugin creates any issues, we can restore a backup, undo or delay the update, and work with our staff to resolve the issue. 
  3. If your site reports any other conflicts with plugin updates, we investigate the issue further to determine if your site’s functionality is impacted.

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