What is a Fast Task?

The primary benefit of Cornershop's Maintenance + Support plan is access to Fast Tasks. Fast Tasks are requests that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, with a 3-5 business day turnaround during normal operations. 

Clients on Cornershop's Priority Maintenance+Support plan benefit from up to 1 hour of developer time per request, along with an expedited 1-3 business day turnaround time. Reach out if you're interested in upgrading to this plan. 

Often times these are:

  • Initial troubleshooting and investigation of new issues that takes less than 30 minutes

  • Quick adjustments to content, images, alignment, and styles that can be made directly on the live site without needing review and approval.

  • Installation of new plugins (though configuration cost may be additional).

To help manage expectations on what would and would not be a Fast Task before submitting a request, please reference this list below. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list and just because something is listed below doesn't mean it will always be a Fast Task as there can be many variables. Our support team will make sure to guide you through anything that is not covered under your Maintenance+Support plan.

Requests that require a turnaround time within 24-48 hours are subject to Rush Rate charges, double your hourly Maintenance+Support plan rate. 

Fast Task Examples

  • Answering WordPress questions (i.e., “How do I…”)

  • Initial troubleshooting or investigating bugs, errors, or issues on the WordPress site (i.e., “When I visit this page, XX disappears and shouldn’t.”).

  • Adding a new blog post or page with provided text and images, and that the post or page uses a standard template

  • Deleting a blog post or page.

  • Editing an existing page to add a photo or text that is provided

  • Installing and enabling a new plugin (but may not include configuring the plugin)

  • Adding an event calendar plugin, assuming we can use an industry-standard plugin and out-of-the-box styling

  • Linking to an offsite ecommerce storefront, like Zazzle.com (or adding links to anywhere)

  • Adding an item or two to an existing eCommerce storefront

  • Adding or removing an item to the navigation bar or footer

  • Adding a simple form, assuming you provide the form fields, confirmation text, and notification text, and it’s a maximum of 7 fields with no conditional logic

  • Adding a map with a single location

  • Adjusting an image that is too large or not cropped properly

  • Adding a PDF or other type of file and linking to it from a page, assuming you provide the file and tell us where you want it linked

  • Linking to or embedding a video, assuming you provide the video file or link to the video and tell us where you want it linked

  • Minor template tweaks that do not require extensive testing and can be made directly on the live site (i.e remove the date under a blog post listing)

Non-Fast Task Examples

All of the examples below are achievable via our approved support when our support team will provide you an estimate to complete the work at your maintenance rate.

  • Any creative design and layout work

  • Adding a new page template

  • Adding a new section with a new landing page

  • Adding an entirely new eCommerce storefront, though we can add products to an existing WordPress storefront

  • Adding a discussion board

  • Adding a form that includes conditional logic, uploads, or save-and-return functionality

  • Adding an interactive map

  • Adding multilingual functionality

  • Styling an event calendar to perfectly match your site

  • Sitewide SEO Optimization 

  • Plugin/functionality guidance or selection where research is required

  • Adjustments to, or setting up of, Google Analytics tracking or Google Tag manager configurations

  • Difficult or significant template changes, such as adding new features or moving sections

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