How can Cornershop help me?

While you may have come to Cornershop Creative for specific activities, Cornershop offers a wide range of services that you can take advantage of as part of your ongoing retainer. This includes: 

WordPress Development

We are WordPress experts. Since our founding in 2012, we’ve developed hundreds of WordPress websites, built dozens of plugins, and worked with countless number of themes, and the platform has never let us down. We will put our years of experience to work for you while also helping plug you into our network of WordPress tools, resources, and community.

We take pains to make sure we develop websites the “right way,” which means we adhere to a variety of software development best practices that reduce bugs and mistakes while also promoting performance, stability, and compatibility, including:

  • Doing work in separate environment from any existing live website

  • Using the git version control system to track code changes and deploy

  • Leveraging a build pipeline for producing compatible and performant CSS + JavaScript

  • Performing internal code reviews to ensure quality

  • Running code we write through linters to make sure it meets coding standards


How many times have you been to a website and all you see is a wall of text? On today's giant screens -- and little ones too -- this wall of text can be overwhelming and drive visitors away. That's where engaging graphic design comes in.

Our expert designers will work with you to select the right images, icons, and custom graphics and infographics that showcase your work, highlight your successes, and illustrate your impact.

And our work doesn’t stop at websites. We can design logos, infographics, social media and blog images, and other web collateral that will boost engagement on your website.

Usability Testing

Your website needs to be clear, inspiring, and easy to use. The trouble is, although we can work very hard to make the page and section titles clear, and to put those pages in the right places on your site, we can’t truly guarantee content will be easy for your site visitors to find without actually asking those folks for their input.

That’s where usability testing comes into play. Through a short online exercise, we can perform testing with the real end-users of your site!

We use a variety of testing tools, including Google Optimize, to test minor differences in page layouts (i.e. what happens if this button is red, instead of blue). These tests can go a long way to ensure that your visitors' needs are being met, and the site is working for them.

Need help with your navigation and how people find content on your site? One of our favorite tests is a Tree Test. We’ll present your testers with a simple, text-based version of your site map, and ask them to complete several tasks by identifying where exactly in the site map they’d expect to find the answer to the task. For example, we might ask your users what navigation item they’d click to locate your latest fundraising campaign.

We’ll use the test results to note how well (or poorly) the proposed site map performs. The results will include both correct and incorrect answers, as well as the time needed to complete each task. We’ll use this data to confirm that our work will be an improvement, to refine your site map, and to ensure that your site’s navigation paths are truly intuitive for your average user — not just your team and ours.

Content Strategy & Creation

While many people think the most complicated part of a website is the technology, anyone involved with content knows the truth: the content is by far the more difficult part, and often more important. 

We're here to help: we have decades of experience analyzing audiences, creating content strategies, and writing content that connects with people. We can get right to the task of writing, or we can spend some time investigating your audience, your peers, your current site, and your existing content in order to set a clear content strategy.

Nonprofit SEO Marketing

As a modern nonprofit professional, you probably have some familiarity with terms such as “organic traffic” and “search engine optimization.” SEO, in short, is the practice of optimizing your website for search engines, and what they expect to see on a website. Search engines want to send users to relevant, informative, performant, and authoritative websites, and that is just what we do for clients.

SEO isn’t just a one-time thing: Maintaining your good standing with search engines requires constant monitoring and maintenance. We’ve got you covered with this plan!

We will monitor your site by checking Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed, and Google Lightbox to ensure everything is working as expected and address anything that needs attention. We will also optimize your web content and write new content for SEO by targeting specific keywords, and provide a monthly analysis to ensure your target keywords are being reached.

Email Marketing and Campaign Implementation

Our email campaign work delivers beautiful results – especially when we get to help out with the copy and the graphics! Why struggle to send email through a difficult system, when Cornershop can take the stress of email marketing off your workload. 

Cornershop can provide strategy, copywriting, implementation, email template development, donation form creation, scheduling and delivery, and reporting on the success after the campaign. 

Campaign Strategy & CRM Support

You need to do more than set up a donation form and send out a few fundraising emails in order to get the support your organization needs. We can help: we'll audit your donor experience and make improvements and recommendations to increase your conversions and donations.

We'll analyze assets like your donation form, your Calls to Action, and your list segments to optimize your pitch and increase conversions and donations.

After we perform the audit, we will become your CRM partner, helping you send messages, create better templates, troubleshoot errors, and be an extra set of hands when you need help.

Social Media Marketing

We'll take the overall marketing plan we have already created and finesse it to be specific to social media by exploring your target audiences and competitors on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Paid Ads Management

We’ll start the process by auditing any current or past paid ads that you’ve run and recommending a plan moving forward, taking your overall marketing strategy into consideration. If you haven't run paid ads before, we will map out an introductory plan to get you set up for success. Then we'll choose from a long list of services, creating the plan that suits your situation best.

Google Ad Grant Management

Google Ad Grants offer up to $10,000 in Google advertising every month to qualifying nonprofits. If you're not already a Google Ad grantee, we'll help you apply.

If you are already a grantee, we will set up and manage your paid search ads for you. Google Ads can be fairly time-consuming, just like any advertising project. To see a big difference in your traffic, you must dedicate hours each month to fine-tuning the account.

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