It’s important to keep your site updated to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities. Plugin and theme updates can sometimes have compatibility issues that cause styling or functionality issues on the front and/or backend of the site. Given that, many clients don’t feel comfortable performing updates and would rather we do this.

We offer two convenient maintenance packages:

1. Complete Support & Maintenance comes with:

  • Daily updates to WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes (the most common hacking vectors on a WordPress site)
  • Hourly security scans for hacking
  • Constant site up monitoring and notifications when your site goes down (along with a plan to fix it, if we haven’t already done so)
  • Daily offsite backups
  • Removal of any hacking or spam code, in most cases
  • Support tasks of 30 minutes or less (no limit). These can include anything in WordPress, including: bug fixes, installing new plugins, adding features, making HTML, CSS, JS, or other code tweaks, addressing security concerns, cleaning up spam or hacking issues, adding posts or pages, etc.

This plan only costs $2,000/year — a savings of several thousand dollars compared with having these same tasks billed piecemeal at our hourly maintenance rate.

2. Basic Maintenance Plan costs just $750/year.

We know that this might be too expensive for some, especially for sites that don’t need consistent updates, so we also offer a Basic Maintenance Plan that includes everything above EXCEPT the 30-minutes or less support tasks.


Still have questions?

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about our two packages:

What kind of response rate can we expect on tickets?

We respond with confirmation of all tickets within 24 hours and complete all small tasks — less than 30 minutes — in less than 48 hours. It’s usually much faster than this, but we like to pad these time estimates in case our support team gets a lot of requests at once.

Is it possible to subscribe on a monthly or quarterly basis at first, before committing for a full year?

Yes, though we do so at a higher rate for the additional admin costs of the short-term agreement. For the Complete package, it’s $200/month or $600/quarter.

If we have the Complete Support & Maintenance and have a support need that would take an hour or two, would we pay the $175 hourly rate?

Any request that will take more than 30 minutes will be invoiced at the maintenance rate of $175/hour. We always let you know if something is outside the maintenance package and request approval before doing any work. You will never get a surprise invoice if you hadn’t approved time.

What are examples of 30-minute tasks?

These can include basic WordPress specific tasks, such as posting content, changing images, adding/subtracting/changing navigation labels, adding/removing plugins, investigation on any bugs or display errors (and fixing it, if possible), and any small visual modification such as changing link colors or adding dates to a list of posts.

Is the price only for one website?

Yes, the $750 and $2,000 packages are for one single site. However, we may be able to offer you a discount for the multiple sites, depending on the situation.

What about my CRM? Can you support my Salsa account, too?

For an additional $1,000/year, we can also provide up to CRM support tasks of 30 minutes or less each month for platforms like Salsa, Luminate, Blue State Digital, Every Action, and Engaging Networks.

What about dealing with my host? Can you guys talk to them for me?

We know how intimidating it can be to call, email, or chat with the super technical folks who manage your site hosting, and we want to help you out, since we also speak their language. For an additional $1,000/year on top of your existing maintenance and support contract, we will liaise with your host on your behalf during regular business hours, supporting you and your team with any site outages or performance issues. We’ll work with your host directly to resolve issues, sparing you the dreaded tech talk.

Can I combine the Basic Maintenance with Hosting Support?

Sure thing!

Are you picky about which hosts you’ll work with?

Nope! As long as they have a support line, we’ll liaise with them if/when your site has problems, within regular work hours.
Customers who use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another unmanaged hosting provider get a slightly different deal than others: Because AWS is a completely custom setup, each site could have a different setup and our automated tools may not work. As long as the host has sFTP enabled on the server, we can use our standard process (qualifying them for both Basic and Complete Maintenance). If they do not, we can offer weekly manual maintenance instead of daily.